11 facts about Dead sea mud masks you must know

Dead sea mud masks are one of most popular cosmetic products in the world. Millions of people use them everyday for mud’s proven benefits, but not many actually know what is Dead sea mud mask, what does it contain and how it helps our skin look glowy, youthful and healthy. Here are 11 facts you have to know about mud masks before you start using them.  

1. Where does the mud come from

As you probably guessed from the title of this article, Dead sea mud masks come from the Dead sea, which is a small salt water lake located between Israel, Palestine and Jordan. It is more than 9 times saltier than ocean water. Due to high salitinity, it is impossible for plants or animals to survive in water of the Dead sea (hence the name).  

It is interesting that the salinity of the water is so high and makes swimming more simillar to floating, which means it is impossible to drown, but also it is impossible to stay in waters for longer time. 


Land of the sea is rich in constituents and natural resources deposited into the sea. This goodness is then washed on shores as rich mud, containing countless benefitial elements that are a click away from us thanks to farmaceutical and cosmetical companies who harvest the goods and make it possible for us to enjoy the benefits. 


The benefits are many. Science has been studying this nourishing mud for years and have proved positive effects not only to aestetics of our bodies, but also to human health. Hence, many travel to visit the Dead sea and enjoy the breathtaking views, remedious air and the mud found on shores of this astonishing lake. 

The Dead sea is rich in many nutrients and minerals, out of which are most concentrated and important to us sodium, calcium, potassium and magnesium.  

2. Mud masks have longer history than you think

It is interesting that this lake was one of first health resorts in the world and masks made from this miraculous mud were used thousands years ago. Water from this unusual lake was used in age of Egyptian empire in cosmetics and for making herbal sachets. Cleopatra, who was famous for her beauty, was also one of the first people who harvested the benefits of mud masks in order to preserve youthful looks and fresh, glowing beaty. Masks from mud of the Dead sea are found in almost every ancient culture, showing us the importance of this lake throughout history. 

3. Dead sea mud masks purify your skin tone

Mud from the Dead sea is rich in salts, minerals and other commanding materials. Combined, these nutrients have numerous benefits to our skin and one of them is purification of our skin tone. Although it sounds like magic potion, it actually helps lessen and shrink the pores, reduces wrinkles and appearance of lines on our face. It also helps the body release the toxins from body through the pores. Nutrients from mud masks help our skin „shed“ dead cells making our skin look perkier, healthier, vibrant and younger. 

4. It can help healing scars

One of the benefits of using the Dead sea masks is that it actually helps in healing scars. It’s nourishing elements help skin eliminate dead skin and helps renew skin cells, which means scars become less visible with time.  

5. It does miracles for your scalp and hair

Many benefits of the Dead sea mud include incredible prevention of hair loss and here is how; Hair loss is caused by insufficient oxygen and food in our hair. Due to shrinking of blood vessels in hair cavity, our hair is lacking vital nutrients that feed her and give hair healthy look, make it strong and shiny. When we are massaging the mud into the scalp, we are actually feeding the hair and giving it the missing nutrients. Shampoos containing Dead sea minerals are popular because they have proven results and are easy to use by massaging it into the scalp and rinsing after 15 minutes. 

6. There is much more than facial masks

Mud masks are not only cosmetic products containing Dead sea goodness. There are also sea salt scrubs which are salts used for removing dead skin cells from our body. Exfoliators containing this famous salt lake’s beneficial nutrients are not invasive as ones containing chemicals and are a natural way to help our skin rejuvenate. It can be found as pure salt crystals, or in combination with nourishing oils (argan, coconut, shea butter). There are also above mentioned shampoos for scalp health, mud soaps and much more. 

7. It works as anti-aging treatment

Every woman’s dream – affordable and scar-free prevention of aging is now possible with regular use of the Dead sea mud masks. Components found in this high salinity lake help tighten skin and prevent the sagging by feeding the skin with necessary nutrients. It helps reduce wrinkles, lines and all imperfections. This uninvasive anti-aging treatment can help you avoid going under the knife in order to get the „ever young“ look. Many women do go for surgical treatments, but once you try the Dead sea masks and see instant benefits, it will never cross your mind again. This is natural and safe way to preserve your beauty. It worked for Cleopatra thousand year ago, it will work for you too! 

8. Helps treating and relieving skin disorders

Eczema, acne and psoriasis are common disorders caused by our fast-paced way of life, high chemical content in cosmetically products or even genetics. Only people suffering from these conditions know how hard can it be to deal with this problem. Dead sea masks are used for treating these disorders and thanks to natural exfoliants found in the mud, these masks restore skin’s pH balance. However, it is important to underline that mud masks are not permanent solutions. They provide relief and can help keep disorders under control. 

9. Improves circulation and reduces cellulite

Ladie’s enemy #1 – the cellulite. Too many treatments, and not so many good ones that actually show results and don’t cost a fortune. Mud masks and body scrubs containing Dead sea minerals are rich in calcium, magnesium and potassium which relax our nerves, and therefore promote circulation. Better circulattion means less cellulite, because cellulite is basically trapped body fluids and fats found in skin tissues close to skin surface. Mud masks help the body release the toxins through pores and results in flattening the surface of the skin.  

10. Mud from the Dead sea relieves from pain of Osteoarthritis

By now you must be thinking this mud does miracle, but wait til you read this: this remedy found on the bottom and the shore of the Dead sea actually helps reduce pain caused by Osteoarthritis. As mentioned above, minerals and nutrients from the mud improve circulation and help relax nerves in our body, reducing the pain we feel. It is definitely worth trying because it seems it can really help cope with the pain. This locations in the East was famous thousands years ago as a place of significance for those suffering from different pains and skin problems. However, it is not substitution for medical treatments, but is a supplemental treatment you have to try if you suffer from Osteoarthritis. 

11. You get instant visible results

Unlinke most of other cosmetic products that promise significant changes and results after weeks of use, masks containing Dead sea minerals and nutrients actually show the result immediately. They nourish our skin as soon as you apply the mask.Toxins are instantly released from skin pores, leaving your with glowy, hydrated and fresh looking face. This is another reason why you have to make mud masks your weekly habit.  

Now you have basic information you have to know before you start shopping for your perfect mud mask to match your skin type. It is great that we have been given such valuable natural source of nourishing elements, and it is important to use everything nature can give us, especially nowadays in tech-oriented age when we often forget that simplest remedies are the best ones.  


The Dead sea is one of World miracles that has been serving people for thousands of years, helping us preserve, health and youthful looks. Your perfect Dead sea mask, shampoo, exfoliating salt or soap is just a click away from you, but make sure to read our reviews and to shop only the best mud masks products.  


Don’t forget products containing minerals from the Dead sea are not replacement for any medical treatments or medications, and make sure to consult your dermatologist prior to using them to prevent any allergic reactions. It is strongly recommended to determine your skin type with a professional before you start using any products containing Dead sea minerals or Dead sea mud components. This will help you reach results faster and in a safe way, preventing any damage to your skin. Start reading our reviews and make your first step towards your healthier and younger skin today.