15 best mud masks for 2018 and their reviews

It is hard to choose the best mud mask for your skin type when you don’t have enough information about masks and ingredients, but don’t worry. We are here to help you. Read our list of 15 best mud masks for 2018 and choose the one that is most suitable for your needs.

Sephora mud mask

sephora dead sea mud mask purifying and mattifyng

Coming from a famous cosmetic brand, Sephora mud mask is enriched with copper and zink. This mask from mud has natural and earthy scent and rougher texture. Mud mask from Sephora is proven to be very efficient against wrinkles if used regularly.  We recommend this mud mask if you have problems with dry skin. Sephora mud mask is great for hydratation and gives healthy glow to any skin type. Other than dryness, Sephora mask from Dead sea mud offers great solution for removal of sebum. Regular treatments will leave your skin clean, hydrated and healthy looking. Sephora is a great brand to shop for.

Ahava purifying Dead Sea mud mask

purifying mud mask from ahava

Ahava purifying Dead Sea mud mask is great mud mask based product for skin care coming from a company with over 30 years of experience. What makes this mask stand out is different treatment duration: mud mask from Ahava takes only 2 minutes to work. This innovation is highly apprieciated and it definitely shows results. Regular or deep cleaning – this mask does it all. Ahava purifying Dead Sea mud mask has great advantage of being effective as anti-inflamatory and antiseptic mask. Although it works in 2 minutes, if you suffer from acne problems, you should leave it work for longer.

Aria Starr Dead sea mud mask

mineral rich and natural dead sea mud mask for deep cleansing

Aria Starr Dead sea mud mask might not sound very famous to you but we asure you it deserves a place on top list of best mud masks of 2018. Company started by two daughters and a mother has a lot to offer to your skin: only highest quality ingredients will give you skin best care possible. Aloe vera and jojoba oil are one of “magic” ingredients that come in elegant package that prevents the mask from drying out. Shea butter used in Aria Starr Dead sea mud mask helps heal old scars and hydrates your skin. This mask earned the place among the best mud masks of the year.

Baebody Dead sea mud mask

baebody facial mud mask with minerals from the Dead Sea

Baebody Dead sea mud mask is based exclusively on organic components and is enriched with minerals and vitamins. Among other ingredients, it contains Shea butter which is the main ingredient making this mud mask great for hydratation. Jojoba oil, aloe vera and sunflower oil make this mud mask from Baebody unique and really great quality product worth trying out. Baebody Dead sea mud mask found place amongst Best mud masks of 2018 because it is great for addressing specific problems of skin but also helps regenerate skin tissue quickly leaving you with smooth, glowy and most important – healthy skin everyone will compliment.

Blue lagoon Iceland Mud mask

Blue Lagoon Iceland silica mud mask

Here is something different: mud mask from Iceland. Mud mask from Blue lagoon has authentic color – green. Main ingredient of Blue lagoon Iceland Mud mask is silica. Think of silica as of white mud that does miracles for your skin. Algae in combination with silica found in Blue lagoon Iceland Mud mask is great for premature aging and wrinkels, but also works both ways for dry skin, or oily skin by preserving the natural balance of the skin. Unique combination of algae and silica puts Blue lagoon Iceland Mud mask on top of the list of 15 best mud masks of 2018.

Borghese Fango Active mud mask

Borghese mud mask

Borghese Fango Active mud mask comes from Europe, Italy. This mud mask uses bentonite as base ingredient. Bentonite shrinks pores and cleanse clogged ones, but also smoothens your skin. Other than this, almond oil is great not that secret ingredient that is rich in fatty acids, zinc and proteins and no wonder this oil is used for centuries in Mediterranean cosmetic traditions. Borghese Fango Active mud mask deals with dark circels and can also help with psoriasis and eczema. One or two treatments with Borghese Fango Active mud mask during the week will give you youthful and beautiful skin you will be proud of.

Majestic Pure Charcoal Mud Mask

charcoal mud face masks

Majestic Pure Charcoal Mud Mask is another in line of unbelievable Best mud masks of 2018. Some of “secret” ingredients are pomegranate, aloe and olive oil. Based on bentonite, mask is very easy to apply and remove. Highly effective against blackheads, this mud mask is great for clogged pores and bacteria caused skin conditions. All natural and organic, this mask from mud is surely good choice to go for when looking for perfect match. It can be used for treating blackhead problems, but also as a part of your regular beuaty treatment every week. Majestic Pure Charcoal Mud Mask is popular for proven reasons.

Alaska glacial mud mask

Alaska the glacia facial mud masque

Alaska glacial mud mask is icy solution to your skin problems and remedy for your sleeples nights before big events. Thickness and the color make this mask really special and different. Something in between green and brown, Alaska glacial mud mask does make you look like forgotten fruit you found after expiry date, but we assure you – it wouldn’t be on the Best mud masks of 2018 list if there wasn’t strong enough reasons. The treatment can be long – up to 45 minutes. Zinc, natrium and magnesium not only clean the pores, but also prevent them from clogging by narrowing them. Cranberries found in Alaska glacial mud mask are great antioxidants that help regeneration of the tissue.

Josie Maran whipped mud mask

argan hydrating and detoxifyng whipped mud mask treatment

Josie Maran whipped mud mask is interesting mud mask to try: this unique mask gives the best of Argan oil. Proven effects after regular use are smoother skin and reduced impurities. Josie Maran whipped mud mask  is used in treatments against excem, dermatitis and psoriasis. Another think that makes Josie Maran whipped mud mask  unique is presence of Moroccan lava clay known as rhassoul clay, as well as bentonite. 10 to 15 minutes is all it takes to use all the goodness of this mud mask. Josie Maran is not as famous as other brands, but they have massive support from Sephora – this tells it all.

Majestic skin mask by Majestic Pure

majestic dead sea mud masks

Majestic skin mask by Majestic Pure is another great mud mask on our Best mud masks of 2018 list because it is paraben-free product based on only the finest mud and plants found in the Dead sea. Thick,  but flexible, this mask takes 15 minutes to work. Suitable for all skin types, Majestic skin mask by Majestic Pure also contains kaolin – type of clay used in ancient China in ways similar to today’s use of bentonite. This mud mask not onlu unclogges pores but also works as a mild exfoliant. As if all the ingredients were not enough, this mask contains Shea butter and helps with eczema, rashes and similar skin conditions.

Organic dead sea mud masks

natural and organic dead sea mud masks

Petra organics dead sea mud mask & Organic Deep sea mud mask by Venu are two masks that are proudly presented as 100% organic. You have no reasons to worry whatsoever. Dead sea mud mask from Petra organics features more than 20 natural ingredients and keeps your skin hydrated and Relaxed. Shea butter is used in this formula as well. Organic deep mud mask is high-quality product containing jojoba oil. It improves circulation of your face, fights skin impuirities etc. Leave for 20 minutes to work and then rinse and wipe off. Best mud masks of 2018 wouldn’t be complete without 100% organic mud masks.

Premier Dead Sea Miracle Noir Mask

Miracle noir dead sea mud mask from Premier

Premier Dead Sea Miracle Noir Mask, one of highest rated skin products based on Dead sea mud is definitely something you should consider if you are looking to reap the benefits of mud from the Dead sea. Wondering why is this mask amongst best mud masks of 2018? Great combination of plants and minerals found in the mud make Premier Dead Sea Miracle Noir Mask  great for exfoliation, hydratation and purification of your skin. Rich in antioxidants, especially vitamin E and A, mask is perfect for those looking for a product to fight aging while cleansing skin. Rose musk oil is one of ingredients found in Premier Dead Sea Miracle Noir Mask. Rose musk oil is great for elasticity and regeneration of skin cells. Ginko biloba is the key ingredient that makes this mask your best weapon in battle against aging.

Pure body naturals Dead sea mud mask

Dead sea mud mask from Pure Body deep skin cleanser pore reducer clear acne

Pure body naturals Dead sea mud mask helps skin “breathe” easier by opening your pores and unclogging them. Best mud masks of 2018 wouldn’t be complete without Pure body naturals mud mask. Mask deserved it’s place amongst best masks from Dead sea mud because it is perfectly balanced: jojoba and sunflower oil will fight acne, shea butter will smoothen the skin and erase scars while Dead sea mud works as an exfoliator and helps regeneration of the tissue. The harder the layer of mask becomes, the more it actually extracts blackheads and dirt from your skin, nourishing it afterwards with those beneficial oils.

Seacret Mineral-rich clarifying Mud Mask

seacret mud mask for all skin types

Seacret Mineral-rich clarifying Mud Mask is another great mask to try if you are new to Dead sea mud facial treatments. Enriched with vitamin A, aloe vera, chamomile, jojoba oil and sunflower, Seacret  Mineral-rich  clarifying  Mud  Mask  has it all. Apply thick layer of mask, leave for 5 minutes and the gray-blue colored miracle will leave you with beautiful, nourished skin. Slight tingling sensations may occur, but this is absolutely normal. This is a sign that impurities from your skin are reacting with the mud. best Dead sea mud masks of 2018 list offers you both longer Dead sea mud treatments and treatments for those who are always on the go. This mask takes only 5 minutes to work, which is perfect if you don’t want to spend more time on your beauty treatments

Glamglow Supermud Clearing Treatment and Glamglow Youthmud Tinglexfoliate Treatment

GLAMGLOW SUPERMUD Clearing Treatment

Glamglow Supermud Clearing  Treatment and Glamglow Youthmud Tinglexfoliate Treatment – last on our best dead sea mud masks of 2018 list, but definitely not the least. What was once available exclusively to Hollywood crème de la crème society, is now available to all of us who want that perfect movie-like skin glow. Glamglow Supermud has unique earthy scent due to it’s ingredient – kaolin. Kaolin does the deep cleaning, with help of charcoal. Other ingredients are eucalyptus extract known as very effective antiseptic, and aloe vera juice great for smoothness. Chamomile is also one of key ingredients that calms down irritated skin and works as an antioxidant. Youthmud facial mask is another secret available to us mortals. It contains bentonite and is enriched with chamomile and kaoline. Try these product and you will see why are they best dead sea mud masks of 2018.

Dead sea mud facial products are becoming more popular each day because we are trying to go for more natural solutions. Organic and 100% environment friendly mud masks are the way to go if you are looking for easy and eco-friendly skin treatments. Beauty industry is using all it can to bring the most sensational products to the market, but sometimes it’s not about how the product looks or smells, it is about what it does for your skin and what is it made from. We assure you all of mud masks from our best Dead sea mud masks from 2018 give results and are nature friendly with natural ingredients your skin will love. Skin products enriched with various plant oils have it all: gentle exfoliation and hydratation for your sensitive or normal skin. Read our detailed reviews and articles and shop for your favorite mud mask today.