AHAVA Purifying Dead Sea Mud Mask

Ahava Dead Sea
mud mask

Through the Mud to Stars

When it comes to beauty and health, people are ready to try different things and to experiment just in order to find the right solution for their problems. Recently, different websites and forums are talking about masks coming from the Dead Sea mud and one of popular masks to try is Ahava purifying Dead sea mud mask. 


Dead sea became famous due to its high salinity that prevents animals and plants from inhabiting this lake (the experts say that the Dead Sea is eight times saltier than the ocean!). Of course, it’s possible to swim in it but don’t get surprised if you just start floating around. The level of salt makes it easier for you to keep your body on the surface. A real heaven for bad swimmers. 


The important thing to mention here is the chemical structure of the Dead Sea. Dermatologists note how this unique combination of calcium, iron, potassium, and other ingredients is very beneficial for our skin since it hydrates it and nourishes it at the same time. Now, don’t expect a smooth structure or an exotic scent. After all, we are talking about mud but mud that you can use for full and high-quality maintenance of your skin.   

purifying mud mask from ahava

AHAVA Purifying Dead Sea Mud Mask

Today we will talk about a renowned company that’s been present on the market for previous 30 years – AhavaAhava introduced their line of products originating from the Dead Sea in 1988, and since then they came up with a great variety of items for skin care, one of which is the popular Ahava Purifying Dead sea mud mask

Their main advantage is the location (company comes from Israel) which allows them to easily use the benefits of the lake as long as the benefits of local vegetation. Ahava accepted and supported the latest trend in the cosmetic industry toward natural ingredients. That’s why they purify the water used for the products and are against tests performed on animals.

Why people recommend AHAVA Purifying Dead Sea mud mask

Human skin is a very gentle and subtle “material”. We need to organize our cosmetics carefully in order to treat it in the right way. After all, every skin type is different. Today’s product, the Ahava Dead sea mud mask, is a unique combination of minerals and plants that is made for a fast and efficient treatment. Enriched with zinc, different plant oils, and vitamins, this mask serves well as an overall treatment of your face.  


The first thing to notice here is the duration of the treatment. It is recommended to use this mask only two times a week. You should leave it for only two minutes and then wash it off with warm water. This is quite an innovation in the field of skin cosmetics and something that we can appreciate. However, if needed, you can leave it on your face for a longer period of time.  


The structure of this facial mask makes it perfect for a regular and deep cleaning of clogged pores. Although people with both dry and oily face can use it, the absorbing quality will remove the sufficient oils but your face will stay hydrated and shiny. We need to mention anti-inflammatory and antiseptic qualities that present a big advantage of Ahava mud mask.


Why is this mud mask different?

As it was already mentioned, the time of the treatment is a big deal here. Managing particular impurities might require a longer use but your skin can get a decent care for only two minutes. On the other hand, if you have an acne problem, you might want to keep it a bit longer. It is a sure way to a softer and smoother skin.  


Also, people with dry skin might consider this product. After removing Ahava mud mask, you will notice how your skin feels tighter and cleaner. It does remove sufficient oils but still keeps and provides the needed ones.  



When it comes to bigger brands, we know what to expect. Sometimes, the product can be a complete failure but this is not the case with Ahava mud mask. Focusing on the overall nutrition of the face, the guys from this cosmetic company did a fine job delivering us this product. 

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