Blue Lagoon mud mask

Blue Lagoon mud mask

A Beauty Remedie from the Cold North

The question of health and beauty is something that was bothering mankind since the first man realized how fragile the body is. We can read about the desire for immortality in many myths and stories coming from the ancient times. Today, we have achieved so much but still, this ideal remains unattainable. However, science is here to support our health and beauty problems so we can fight them with a different array of natural products. Facial mud masks are just one of the weapons we can use and Blue Lagoon Iceland mud mask is definitely on top of the list of mud based facial products 


These products are being recommended by many experts as a mean of remedy against different skin diseases. Depending on the structure, each mask can be directed to a specific problem or it can serve for an everyday maintenance of human skin. You probably heard about this phenomena and if you are reading this, there is a big chance that you have one or more masks in your collection. However, there’s one question here – are you sure that these products are the right ones for your skincare?


Blue Lagoon Iceland silica mud mask

Blue Lagoon Iceland Mud Mask

Blue Lagoon Iceland Mud Mask comes from the company operating in Iceland, in a place called Blue Lagoon.  The history of Blue Lagoon reaches to 1976 when the qualities of these waters were discovered. The swimmers noticed how the water has some miraculous effect on their skin and even people with conditions like psoriasis became aware of the improvements. Detailed researches have been organized and the results were astonishing. 


The waters were full of nutrients. Soon, the first health clinic was established for patients with skin maladies. The beginning of the new millennia marked a new age for people operating around Blue Lagoon. New spa center was opened and another clinic established. The products containing waters and Blue Lagoon mud began winning the market over and this place is now something that you must visit on your trip to Iceland. 


As for their products, there is a serious team of scientists standing behind these formulas. Their research center is located at Svartsengi Resource Park. The whole system is powered by geothermal energy, making the crew in Blue Lagoon 100% environmentally friendly. All in all, their work can be described in one sentence – harmony of man and nature. Read the review of  Blue Lagoon Silica mask which has thousands of happy users all over the world 

Why people recommend Blue Lagoon silica mask

The first thing to notice here when using this facial mud mask is the color. We got used to brown and green and even blue mask but this one is unexpectedly white. You might ask the reason for this but we’ll get to the point.  


It is easily applicable and there are three steps that you need to follow if you want results. The first step requires you to clean your face with a cleanser. Be wise when it comes to cleansers because not everyone can suit your skin. In order to do this, think about the quality of your skin and how do you usually feel. Remember the experiences you had with different cleansers and compare them to understand what you need. It shouldn’t be difficult. After you’re done with this part, put the Blue Lagoon Silica mask on. 


You may keep it on your face for up to 10 minutes but no more. When it dries, you face will become completely white. Taking it off is even easier since you just need to rinse it off and then dry your face with a towel. After the treatment, you can use a day cream mask by your choice. Repeat this two or three times a week and if you think additional treatments might be useful be sure to consult with a professional first. 


You probably wondered about the main ingredient of this mask – silica. Although it sounds like it comes from the Silicon Valley, this ingredient originates from the waters of Blue Lagoon. There’s actually a pretty complicated process happening over there. As we know, geothermal waters are quite hot and enriched with different minerals. 


This water is enriched with silicon and scientists noticed that, when the water cools, white mud appears on the surface. Because of complex chemical processes, the silicon chains are created and we can notice them as white mud. Silica is an element that every one of us already has within the body tissue. However, with time, the level of silica falls down and this can lead to many skin impurities and even diseases. That’s why this ingredient is essential for the regeneration property of mud masks 


Besides silica, Blue Lagoon is the home of very rare algae that also contribute to the structure of our product. The combination of silica and algae removes the sufficient liquids and oils from the skin but also present a solution for the loss of water. These natural ingredients are also great for premature aging and can help with wrinkles. Blue Lagoon Silica mask is also paraben-free and does not include artificial fragrances or colors 

Why is Blue Lagoon face mask different?

As we’ve already mentioned, the white color is something that is easily noticeable. Of course, everybody knows, quality matters, not the color, but this color is only a sign of high-quality structure of the mask. This strong combination of silica and algae cannot be found anywhere else in the market. It is something that makes this mask unique and worthy of our attention.


In today’s fast world we can find anything our heart (or body) desires. However, we must understand ourselves and our needs. In sum, Blue Lagoon gave us an excellent silicon mud facial mask. Ingredients might be a bit unusual but it’s important they can get the job done. Give Blue Lagoon Silica mask a try, you surely won’t regret it.