Borghese Fango Active Mud mask

Borghese Fango Active Mud mask

The Secret of Roman Cosmetics

There are a few questions that always fascinated and occupied mankind. One of these questions is surely a question of youth and beauty. It’s very difficult for us to accept the fact that years are passing by and our youthful smiles will slowly disappear. However, thanks to science today, this can be easily avoided. With the right treatments, right nutrition, and exercise, our body can remain in great shape and condition even when we reach our old age. One of the examples of these beauty and health processes is surely a facial mud mask treatmentin particular – Borghese Fango Active Mud mask treatment. 


This beauty remedy has a quite long history. Scientists have found out that mud of various rivers and lakes was used in ancient Sumerian and Egyptian civilizations. On the Far East, Chinese noble women used the mud for their beauty rituals, and in Africa, women were familiar with the mysterious features of waters. All around the world, mud was used in beauty and health treatments due to its rich structure and ingredients. 


There are different types of mud and some of them, as the Dead Sea mud or Moroccan mud are very famous and used in the cosmetics industry. One needs to be careful when choosing the product since different muds are used for different treatments and issues. That’s why it is important to inform ourselves about different types and its benefits.  

Borghese mud mask

Borghese Fango Active Mud mask

In today’s story, we won’t reach out for deserts of Africa or rivers of China. We will stay in Europe, in Rome, from where the Borghese family comes from. This family should be known for its influence on Italian and Roman politics but it’s also credited for beauty products. One of the heiresses of this rich tradition, Marcella Borghese was behind the company when its experts made the first Fango Active Mud Mask in 1985. Since then, these masks became known for its quality and recipe that is based on old Roman cosmetics. It seems that Roman matrons knew a lot about rich Italian waters and mud. 

Why people recommend Borghese Fango Active mud mask

The story of Fango Active Mud masks began more than 30 years ago and it’s still considered to be one of the best-selling beauty products and facial mud products. The design of the mask is mostly based on the rich waters of Tuscany and the idea was exactly born in one of Tuscany’s spas. Marcella Borghese had a chance to see for herself how beneficial these waters can be. That was a trigger to a famous line of products we know as Fango Active Mud Masks 


The idea was to recreate the spa experience and to basically bring it into the homes of buyers. This facial mask is designed to penetrate the tissue and to help the skin to absorb the needed ingredients. This way, it provides the needed minerals that our skin needs to fight maladies and to stay in good shape. Its ingredients are used to leave your skin moisturized and to improve the skin tone. We should see what was used to create this mask and how all these things actually affect your health. 


The first ingredient of this mud mask and probably one of the most used one in the beauty industry is bentonite. This special clay is great for many reasons. It cleanses the clogged pores and also shrinks them so new bacteria cannot get in. It improves the tone and the smoothness of the skin and the minerals it contains (magnesium, potassium, iron, etc) make it pretty clear why bentonite can be found in many facial masks on the market. 


Almond oil, also present in the mask, comes from a Mediterranean beauty tradition. Italian and Spanish masters knew that this oil is a great resource of fatty acids, proteins, and zinc, and thus very useful for human hair and skin. Although you can also use it in your kitchen, sweet almond oil is great for the aesthetics of your skin. It makes it shiny and smooth, deals with dark circles and unwanted tan, and even helps with psoriasis and eczema. Similar to sweet almond is avocado. This tradition comes from Central and Latin America where avocado was used for its nutritive value. It also helps with the smoothness but works as a moisturizer and is great when it comes to acne. 


Borghese designed their Fango active mud mask to be quick and efficient. Some results can be noticed even after the first use – the smoothness of the skin or its tone. The experts recommend only one or two treatments per week. Leave a thick layer of Fango mud mask on your face for a few minutes (five is ideal) and then gently remove it with water. The procedure is pretty much the same as with other facial masks

Why is Fango Active Mud masks different?

There is a long tradition behind Borghese name and we could probably talk whole day about it. There’s also a big story behind their Fango Active Mud Masks, a story based on many different traditions. As we could see, this mask takes from different healing treatments that were known for hundreds of year. Its combination of mud, almond, avocado and other organic ingredients is unique on the market and surely worthy of your time. 


Somehow, it’s always safe to choose a renowned brand. Borghese is a company to trust. Their Fango facial mask is there to give everything your skin wants. Its ingredients will help with the impurities and will make the tissue stronger and healthier. As a final touch, your skin will stay smooth, shiny, and soft. What else could we ask for?