Dead sea benefits and other interesting facts

Where is The Dead Sea?

The Dead Sea is nature’s work of miracle located bordered by Palestine, Israel and Jordan. This is actually salt lake which represents the Earth’s lowest land elevation. Since it is a lake, it is not as deep as you would think. The Dead Sea is 304m deep and it is, in fact, the deepest hypersaline lake on Earth.  

The name Dead Sea

The name “The Dead Sea” comes from the fact that this body of water is so salty (342 g/kg) that no animal or plant life can flourish in its waters. It is also interesting that due to high salinity swimming is practically impossible and is more floating than swimming, making drowning highly unlikely to happen in these waters. 

The Dead Sea throughout millennial

History preserved evidence of mud from The Dead Sea being used in Egypt for mummification. The lake was noted as first health resort in history of mankind, and was marked as such by Herod the Great.


Herbal sachets, The Dead Sea cosmetics, The Dead Sea masks and much more was extracted from this nature’s wonder for millenniums, and we still use it because The Dead Sea benefits are endless.

Dead Sea temperatures

As mentioned above, many travel to The Dead Sea for it’s vast benefits other than The Dead Sea mud. As Herod noted, this location was visited by health tourists hundred of years ago and is still a popular destination for those who want to experience out of this world health vacation.


The climate is sunny and dry all year round. Summer average temperature is 32-39C while winter offers mild temperature of 20-23C, making it popular destination all year round. It is very interesting that The Dead Sea region has weaker UVB, or ultraviolet radiation and higher oxugen content compared to concentrations at sea level. 

Minerals of the The Dead Sea

As you can imagine, The Dead Sea is nothing like your “typical” ocean water. The exact mineral composition changes with seasons, temperature and depth.   The Dead Sea mud masks are world-famous as incredible, high-quality products because of this unique mineral composition of the lake. Waters of The Dead Sea are rich in Kalium, Calcium, Natrium, Magnesium and many more beneficial compounds our skin loves.

Did you know? 

  • As all the other things were not interesting and unique enough, there is another piece of information that will tickle your imagination and maybe push you to visit this unusual place. The Dead Sea has a very unusual feature: it discharges asphalt. The waters “spit” small black substance blocks and pebbles. What makes it even more intriguing is the fact that these pebbles actually preserved Neolithic skulls and figurines, and therefore The Dead Sea represents significant archaeological site as well. Egyptians who are known for practicing rituals of mummifications have been known for using this asphalt in their rituals as it is firm and helped the process. 
  • If you walk the beaches of The Dead Sea you would see small white rock-like formations instead of sand or rocks. This is halite, rock salt, which is typical and unique for this location. It is formation of salt that makes the beaches white and gives them unreal look. 
  • The Dead Sea is actually endorheic lake which means water cannot flow out, because it is below the level of the sea. There is a few streams which flow in, but water never flows out, it only evaporates. 

The Dead Sea benefits

Little allergens, low level of pollens in the atmosphere, higher atmospheric pressure, reduced solar radiation… All these are reasons why salty lake became health research location. It is proven that The Dead Sea and air in this location helps people suffering from reduced respiratory functiones caused by conditions such as cystic fibrosis.

Therapies on The Dead Sea

The Dead Sea is popular destinations for those who fancy putative therapies such as thalassotherapy (bathing in salty lake’s waters), Climatotherapy (exposure to beneficial atmospheric constituents of the The Dead Sea) and Heliotherapy (exposure to effects of lower sun’s radiation). 

Therapy for psoriasis

Therapy for psoriasis is among popular ones. Climatotherapy is proven to ease symptoms of psoriasis due to good position below sea level and reduced UV rays. 


Rhinosinusitis is another condition that is treated in location by The Dead SeaWhen you are breathing the air while standing at the beach near the lake, your nasal irrigation is relieved as if you were using nasal saline sprays. This is due to high salinity in the water which evaporates due to high temperatures. 

Osteoarthritis therapy​

The Dead Sea mud is proven to temporary relieve those suffering from osteoarthritis of the knees. Mud rich in various minerals is used for easing the symptoms and is recommended by doctors and scientists

When The Dead Sea turned red​

The Dead Sea was named after the living life in it, which is non-existent. However, there is a curious case from 1980 when the dark blue lake turned red. This unusual and single case happened due to alga Dunaliella which flourished in the water. The algae flourished as a consequence of heavy rains during one winter which reduced salinity to less than usual winter average of 30%. 

Tourism and settlements near The Dead Sea

Neve ZoharEin GediMitzpe ShalemKalya and Avnat are rare settlements near The Dead Sea. On Israeli side Ein Bokek is the newest built hotel complex. The first major hotel was built in Arad.


Jordanian seaside resort hotel is near the King Hussein Bin Talal Convention Center and is located on eastern side of the The Dead Sea. Jordan offers up to 2800 rooms for tourists in 9 different hotels.  


Endless benefits of The Dead Sea mud and waters are attracting more and more tourists every year and generates approximately $290 million revenue, creating almost 3000 jobs for locals.  It still remains unique health resort and helps millions of people all over the Earth.