Organic Dead Sea Mud Masks

Organic Dead sea mud masks

You’ve probably heard about the Dead Sea facial masks. Different companies are using ingredients and especially mud from this lake to produce skin and beauty products. It’s no wonder since this body of water has been known for centuries for its beneficial structure. Popular masks Petra Organics Dead Sea Mud Mask and Organic Deep Sea Mud Mask by Venu are using the best of this natural wonder. 


The first thing that comes to mind when someone mentions the Dead Sea is its level of salinity. People say that the Dead Sea is the lake with the highest level of salinity but that’s not true. Although it contains a lot of salt (33.7%), there are a few other places on Earth that have a bigger level of salinity but Don Juan Pond on Antarctica beats them all with incredible 44%! However, this doesn’t affect the quality of water. The Dead Sea is rich in minerals but due to the mentioned salinity, the only life that this water can support are some types of bacteria.  


Nowadays companies are competing in finding the best way to extract nutrients from mud and Petra Organics Dead Sea Mud Mask and Organic Deep Sea Mud Mask by Venu are two masks based on mud from Dead Sea that gained popularity thanks to their effectiveness. 

As we’ve mentioned, the Dead Sea is a perfect place for different health centres. Besides the quality of water and mud, UV radiation is really low all around the Dead Sea. Great for getting a healthy suntan. The place is also free of pollen and many other allergens. During the ancient times, the Greeks used to call it Lake Asphaltites due to large amounts of natural asphalt the Dead Sea produces. A unique place on our planet, indeed.  

natural and organic dead sea mud masks
venu organic dead sea mud mask

Petra Organics Dead Sea Mud Mask and Venu Organic Deep Sea Mud Mask review

The facial masks that we are about to present are made by two smaller companies – Petra Organics and Venu. The first name, Petra Organics, actually comes from the effort of one woman – Petruta Capilnean and their most famous product is obviously Petra Organics Dead Sea Mud Mask. This Romanian-born nutritionist had a vision about regain harmony of man and nature. Inspired by Romanian wilderness and nature, she moved to the United States to follow her dream. What started as a small kitchen workshop, grew up to become a company and now, Petruta has a big collection of healthy and organic products among which is the facial Dead Sea Mud Mask. 


On the other hand, Venu Health was born from an experience. The co-founder of the company had a chance to enjoy the treatment in the Dead Sea and this gave him an idea to share this beauty with other people. Today this company provides with a great number of beauty products which are based on organic and healthy ingredients and they are most famous for their popular Organic Deep Sea Mud Mask by Venu.

Why people recommend Organic mud masks

In today’s stressful society, it is of utmost importance to invest in our health. That’s what Petra Organics Dead Sea Mud Mask is guaranteeing. This facial mask is organized on more than 20 natural ingredients such as calcium, magnesium, natural tar, a great collection of vitamins, etc. With this structure, you will be able to keep your skin hydrated and relaxed, ready to receive the needed nutrients.  


The mask also includes shea butter collected from the flora of Africa. This is a plant that has been used by natives for centuries. Similar to the Dead Sea mud, shea butter was used in beauty treatments, especially during important tribal ceremonies such as weddings. Almond oils are also included, adding to the chemical structure of the mask. This ingredient has also been used in ancient times. Chinese noble women used it to make their skin shiny and in their symbolic system, it represented both beauty and sadness. The moisturizing effect of the mask is based on aloe vera. This “wonder” plant is great for many things and that’s why it is one of the main ingredients in almost all skin products.  

It’s very easy to apply this mask. Just put a decent layer on your face, avoiding the eye region, leave it for about 15 minutes, and then rinse it off and dry with a towel. 


Organic Dead Sea Mask by Venu is another high-quality product. This mask is based on a great collection of organic ingredients and completely without harmful chemicals. It penetrates clogged pores and clears them out completely, making it impossible for bacteria to enter. Other impurities like acne, wrinkles, and even psoriasis can be treated with this product.  

The chemical structure includes, among other things, jojoba oil. This exotic plant has been used for healing and minor body damages. It fights wrinkles, acne scars, and improves the blood flow of vessels in your tissue. Shea butter is also used here and aloe vera juice, too. Kaolin clay (named after a mountain in China) is another ingredient that will help cleansing and detoxication.  We can freely say that Venu gave us a strong weapon against skin impurities.  


In order to achieve good results, this mask should be applied for up to 20 minutes. It’s great for all skin types so there’s no chance that your skin will remain dry. There is no need to add any supplements but a good face cream can be used after the treatment. 

Why are those mud masks different?

In any field and market, the big companies are taking the lead. That’s why we consider them big. However, we shouldn’t lose smaller entrepreneurs from our site. In many cases, their products will be made with more attention and more love. Petra Cosmetics and Venu Health are surely companies of this kind. You can try and see. 


Petra Cosmetics gave us a great mask for regular treatments that your skin need and Venu Health’s product is more organized towards particular actions, such as acne or pimple removal.  


Facial mud masks that we presented today are really interesting options. The fact that they are not coming from beauty giants should bring some doubt but we must remember that hidden jewels can be found everywhere. Both Petra Cosmetics and Venu Health gave their 100% while creating Petra Organics Dead Sea Mud Mask and Organic Deep Sea Mud Mask by Venu


They contain organic and high-quality ingredients and are based on formulas that do not include dangerous chemicals. They are user-friendly, health-friendly, and of course, budget-friendly. Give them a chance.