Premier Dead Sea Miracle Noir Mask

Premier Dead Sea Miracle Noir Mask

A Dark Miracle for Your Skin

In recent years, we could hear a lot about special and miraculous Dead Sea mud. What is the whole fuss about? Apparently, there is a big medical and beauty tradition behind this body of water. The Dead Sea, the saltiest lake in the world, is located between three countries – Jordan, Palestine, and Israel. If you want to take a swim, be prepared to face some difficulties. Because of its salinity (340g/KG), the Dead Sea has a very big density which makes swimming a bit more complicated. However, this salinity also adds to the incredible healing properties of the water and the mud of the Dead Sea. Many companies have used this mud for masks, and one of the great products available to you now is Premier Dead Sea Miracle Noir Mask. 


If we do a little research, we can find out about many healing traditions centring around the lake. Probably the most famous story is about Cleopatra who included the Dead Sea mud in her beauty treatments. The old Egyptians used waters and mud from this lake in mummification processes that were a necessary step in one’s travel to the Duat (the underworld in Egyptian mythology). 


Today, we have medical clinics that offer treatments for different diseases. Climatotherapy and heliotherapy are just two types of natural treatments and when it comes to serious diseases, let’s just mention psoriasis and osteoarthritis.  

We can find a wide array of masks and other products originating from the Dead Sea. Let us see what lies in the structure of one of those products.

Miracle noir dead sea mud mask from Premier

Premier Dead Sea Miracle Noir Mask review

Premier Dead Sea Miracle Noir Mask  is one of top rated products for skin care based on Dead sea mudThe Dead Sea Premier Cosmetics Laboratories has been established in 1990 with a desire to offer only best quality products. The whole story began after a discovery of effect space has on human skin. Since then, these expert are constantly researching new ways to treat the human skin. With years of hard work and dedication, they managed to establish a brand that has branches all over the world, on every continent. You might know that Mariah Carey is their big supporter and a face behind her own line of skin products. 


The product that caught our eye is Miracle Noir Dead Sea mud mask. This well-designed product is, of course, based on the ingredients coming from the Dead Sea. The combination of oils, plant derivate, and minerals from this lake are there to gently go through the tissue, heal it, feed it, and remove the impurities.

Why people recommend Premier Dead Sea Miracle Noir Mask

To make things shortPremier Dead Sea Miracle Noir Mask is something that will help you with exfoliation, purification, improvement of blood flow, and oxygen supply of your face. It’s a great tool in combat against skin problems. Whether you suffer from a specific skin impurity or you are looking for a daily treatment, this product can probably be of good use.  


Let’s start with the ingredients. Noir Miracle Dead Sea mask is full of organic and natural nutrients that will provide you with needed vitamins (E and A) and antioxidants. These antioxidants play the key role in the structure. They are very important in the healing process and will leave your skin rejuvenated and fresh. Antioxidants are directed against (you guessed it) – oxidation. This is a process where skin cells receive more oxygen than they need. This oxygen causes different chemical reactions which lead to the accelerated skin aging. Actually, oxidation is bad for your whole body and organs, not only for the skin.  


The Dead Sea Premier Cosmetics Laboratories included a nice array of oils while making this mask. They’ve included rose musk oil, which is great for regeneration for your skin, tone, and elasticity. Extracts of Ginkgo biloba are a key ingredient for the delay of skin aging process. The first notes of the use of this plant have been noted in 15. century, somewhere in China, and still today, Ginkgo is being used for health treatments.  


Premier Dead Sea Miracle Noir Mask can be easily applied. It consists from two parts, both essential for a successful treatment. One part includes the mud that is enriched by minerals. You will have to put this one first. A thick layer will dry after about ten minutes. This will be enough for your skin to absorb all needed nutrients. After you remove the mask, it’s time for the second part. The second part contains mask removal magnetized mud. Use this to massage your face and then cleaning it with a cloth and some water. There is no need to use Noir Miracle facial mask for more than once a week.  


You can use this mask for any type of skin but be careful, it’s not recommended to apply it on open wounds or acne. However, if you follow the procedure, nothing dangerous can happen. Miracle Noir is designed to make your skin smooth, shiny, and tight, and that’s just what this facial mask does.

Why is Premier Dead Sea Miracle Noir Mask different?

The first thing that we could notice is this two-part structure. It is a product more complicated than other masks and that’s why you need to strictly follow the procedure to get the desired results. The antioxidants found in Premier Dead Sea Miracle Noir Mask are also a new thing. Vitamins A and E prevent skin cancer and help with the regeneration of the tissue. Gingko Biloba oil helps with wrinkles and aging while eucalyptus deals with your pores. A powerful design that will remove the problems and get your skin in a better condition. 


There is not much to say any more about Miracle Noir facial mud mask. This mask has it all. Use it to treat different impurities (skin acne and open pimples) and that use it regularly to keep your skin in the desired condition. Since it’s a strong one, a consultation with a dermatologist is always an option.